A closer look at Doulton’s The Court Shoemaker.

The Court Shoemaker HN1755.

Introduced in 1936, the Court Shoemaker is a typical example of a 1930’s Doulton figure in that the detail in the figure is superb. It is also an example of a double figure popular during this decade. This piece was almost double the price of a standard figure from this period and given the relative scarcity, few can have been made.

An early version of the figure group from 1936.

Given this relative scarcity it is always exciting to find slight variations. Directly above is a version I have which must be an example from the original mould due to the impressed date. I am sure you have noticed the absence of the brown base in later models. Clearly the original was just too fragile around the base area without the added base.

Another sighting from a few years ago was this colourway below, from Seaway China, again with no base telling us it was a pre-production trial.


Perhaps you have a further variation of this rare figure? If so why not share a photograph on our Facebook page ‘ Doutlon Collectors Club’!

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