Collecting Doulton’s identical miniature figures! 

Doulton’s early range of miniature figures or M series as it is known offers collectors an additional element to their collection – for if you have the large figure, why not hunt down the miniature as well, or alternatively if space is at a premium, collect just the miniature!  

 Chloe HN 1765 and M 10.

The most popular figures from the HN collection can be found in a miniature size although as always some are much harder to trace and thus carry a premium; thus a miniature Pierette will always outshine a Victorian Lady for example. 

Victorian Ladies HN 728 & 1345 with M 25 & M 2.

However, the pleasure of collecting often means that we concentrate on a particular theme – this one being identical colourways to the ‘grown up’ versions of figures. 

Veronica HN 1517 and M 64.

Many we can predict having been produced such as Victorian Lady, Veronica or even Chloe. All of whom were produced in a rainbow of  M series colourways too that had no corresponding large size partner. 

Little Bridesmaid HN 1434 and M 30.

The M range began in 1932 although there are several miniature designs pre-dating this date and which were typically given an HN number, yet, four models bear no HN at all (Pierette, Chelsea Pensioner, Spook and Robert Burns). 

Patricia HN 1431 and M 28.

As you would expect there are many versions of M figures that do not have corresponding large size partners and these too make a distinct display when shown all together! 

Rosamund HN 1497 and M 33.

The M series of miniature lady and child figures ceased around the end of the Second World War, but realistically would have stopped long before that date, save for a handful of the most popular models such as Paisley Shawl M4 that continued briefly after the war. The M series continued in spirit although the M number was omitted with the small size Dickens figures that were made up to the 1980’s. 

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