Doulton figures – made to order! 

You read it correctly! Once there was a time when you could order your favourite model in a colourway of your choice – to suit your interior colour scheme or else in the same palette as another figure you cherished.

Victorian Lady HN 1529 and two complimentary colourways of Sweet Anne and Miss Demure.

Such was the case with the Sweet Anne and Miss Demure pictured who are painted in the same style as Victorian Lady HN 1529, and both of which also carry that same HN number to their bases!  The bases of the two complimentary figurines. 

Both models as you can see were not only painted in the same year but also by the same artist so you can imagine my surprise when I recently came across the version of Miss Demure and more so when I realised the identical artist and date code! Interestingly the actual models were both produced in early 1937 too (one in January and the other February)! So they must have been part of the same order. Once more Doulton proves you never do know what to expect!

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