A look back at Royal Doulton’s Bathers Collection. 

Never have a group of figures so captured collectors’ imaginations and for so long, as Leslie Harradine’s wonderful creations from the 1920’s and 1930’s! 

The Bather HN 687 (1924-1943).

Moreover this statement applies more than any to his deco ladies – be they nude, bathers or otherwise lounging in what we today think of as an art deco style. 

Lido Lady HN 1220 (1927-1936).

In 2000 Royal Doulton asked Nada Pedley to re-model four of Harradine’s classic deco ladies – the Bather, the Swimmer, Sunshine Girl and Lido Lady. Each was issued in a Limited edition of 2000 pieces and came with a Certificate of Authenticity. 

Sunshine Girl HN 4245.

Whilst each of the original figures was available in a selection of colourways the ones chosen for the new series were deemed to be the most classic colourways that collectors today would most appreciate owning. 

The Swimmer HN 1270 (1928-by 1938).

Indeed unless one has exceedingly deep pockets, many of these original studies are beyond the reach of most collectors – myself included! 

The Swimmer HN 4246.

Nada’s faithful interpretation of these early figures means that they stand alongside the originals without standing out too much. Naturally the methods of decoration over the years changed; such as the number of firings figures originally received to achieve their depth of colouring,  also the techniques and styles of face painting and of course the number of parts that make up each model giving them the refinement we associate with early figures. 

Regardless of their relative modernity these new figures are true modern day collectibles in their own right – and when you consider the total scarcity of Sunshine Girl for example one can understand their appeal! 

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