Doulton’s First World War Commemorative to the WAAC! 

  Along with what we might term war themed commemoratives from WWI Doulton also produced this charming two scene series in 1919 featuring a WAAC and her beaus – one English and one australian! 

The Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps (WAAC) were formed to free up valuable and experienced soldiers from behind the front, for front line service. As part of the mobilisation of the whole country this milestone in the push for equal rights formed the basis for women’s service in the British Army to this day.

This rare series clearly had a short production run and I have only once seen the alternate version with the ‘lanky’ English soldier as opposed to the dashing Australian one pictured!

As for shapes – I have only seen this size of pin tray with this series on it! 

A humorous reflection back to a terrible war. 

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