Royal Doulton’s Mirabel figurine – a 1930’s classic! 

Introduced in 1935 in a large size, Mirabel was not only a popular name of the 30’s but with Doulton’s figurine of the same name she was a popular china figure too!Richly detailed and featuring Doulton’s famous attention to detail – so prevalent in this pre-war period, her success was assured.

Typical of 1930’s figures Mirabel was issued in a blue colourway as HN 1743 and a pink as HN 1944. Both were in production from 1935 to a withdrawal date recorded as ‘by 1949’. In my experience that ‘by 1949’ was much earlier and a more precise date would be ‘by 1944’ save for a small handful of Doulton’s most popular figurines of the time, which continued to be produced for the export markets. 

Again typical of the time, Mirabel’s popularity meant that a miniature version of her was added to Doulton’s M series one year later in 1936. Once again a withdrawal date of 1949 is given but I have not seen any examples later than 1943, so again ‘by 1944’ would be a fairer withdrawal date.

As has been illustrated by the secondary market, Doulton’s pink ladies were contemporary favourites with blue colourways much harder to track down and Mirable is no exception to this generalisation, with HN 1743 proving much harder to track down. 

No matter what your colour preference, Mirabel is a star personality in any collection due to her impressive size and modelling and displays excellently next to other Harradine favourites such as Sonia, Bonjour and Miss Demure! 

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