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A look back at Harradine’s Lady Clare.

The official Lady Clare HN1465.

This unusual figure had a relatively short production run from 1931-37 and examples rarely turn up. She takes her inspiration from this Jennie Harbour picture titled ‘My Ladye’ from her ‘Victorian’ series for Raphael Tuck the card manufacturers. As you can see the original Harradine model has a base with a foot protruding from under her skirt, just like the original picture. This makes her 1.5cms taller than the production model.

A prototype of Lady Clare pictured with her inspiration.

As well as HN1465 there is another colourway of Lady Clare that has emerged and there appear to be a handful of examples of this colour scheme in collections around the world.

Two versions of Lady Clare; a colourway and a prototype.

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Still on the topic of ‘Reflections’…here is Lady and Blackamoor HN375 and her inspiration!

This original illustration is by the popular illustrator Jennie Harbour and clearly is the source for Tittensor’s Lady and Blackamoor. Interestingly this example spotted at the Seaway China/Whitley event in Detroit 2009, is modelled as a powder bowl and the base separates from the rest to provide a place for the powder and puff! The colouring of HN375 is identical to that of HN374, but the former indicates that it is modelled as a powder bowl.


Illustration by Jennie Harbour ‘Powder and Patches’.



And here is the rare Lady and Blackamoor HN375 to compare to the original.