The rare Toby Gillette Character Jug…Doulton does television

Back in the early 1980’s Doulton was contacted by the producers of the once popular ‘Jim’ll fix it’ show, as they in turn had received a letter from a young boy asking to have a character jug made in his likeness. The move proved a popular one for Doulton and eventually three jugs were made. One was retained by Doulton for their museum, the other given to the young Toby Gillette and the third eventually sold in London and the proceeds (over £15,000) given to charity.

One of our facebook friends, Peter Leese, was involved in the jugs’ production and here is a picture I am sure will thrill you Character Jug collectors of Peter and Toby filling the original mould with slip. Here are the two of them…


The whereabouts of the three jugs are unknown but very likely they will be in collections in the USA as I am sure examples I remember seeing were bought by American Doulton dealers.

Here is the finished product (as seen in Michael Doulton’s Collecting Royal Doulton book).


Thanks for sharing this story Peter!

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