Doulton’s Hyperion ware

This has to be one of my favourite of all the Doulton wares, although I only have three examples in my collection. This ware had a very short production around 1900 and pieces are typically pastel pink or pastel blue and come in the usual range if shapes Doulton used in vases from this time. Although I did once have a cobalt blue example signed Walklate.


This particular style of painting was introduced by Noke and pieces of this ware are generally painted by Fred Walklate, John Kelsall or Edward Raby – three if Doulton’s most prestigious artists of the time.


This ware has no special mark but is so distinctive that it stands out from the crowd. The freehand floral images painted onto the pastel body were often outlined in gilt and there was often acid etching too, as in the two examples shown.

Hyperion ware is very rare today so pieces rarely appear on the secondary market.

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